Web Accessibility Statement

This site is divided into three main areas: 1) Upper navigation area, 2) Main menu area, and 3) Content Area.

This Accesskeys (also known as Hot Keys) used by this site are designated as follows

  • Alt+U:Upper navigation area which has “LOGO”. When you click on the “Tab” button, it moves to the uppermost submenu function area of this site.
  • Alt+C:The main content area, containing the important or related information of this site.
  • Shift+Tab:Back to previous item on this page.

The “Tab” key navigation sequence of this site:
Start from the upper navigation area, then move to the main menu area on the left, then to the main content area in the center, and finally to the related links area on the right.

If your browser is Firefox, the accesskeys will be Shift+Alt+(accesskey letter). For example, Shift+Alt+C will let webpage jump to the center area of this page, and so on.